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JCWI: OISC level 1 (initial advice)

Trainer: Brendan Beder
Level: Basic
Start: 16th December, 2019 at 9:15am
End: 16th December, 2019 at 5:45pm

This course will be of particular use to those sitting the OISC Accreditation Assessment at Level 1. The course will provide a systematic overview of all aspects of UK Immigration Law. It is designed for delegates who are new to the immigration field, or want the latest updates in this ever-changing legal landscape.

There will be opportunity for questions and input, and delegates will go through sample test papers and be asked to answer part of a past paper. Once they have completed the course, delegates will have a comprehensive knowledge of the immigration law in line with the OISC Code of Standards and Guidance of Competence at Level 1 and a good understanding of the OISC Level 1 assessment requirements.

Course content

• an introduction to the structure of UK immigration control – who is subject to control; entry clearance and in-country application procedures

• sources of immigration law – the legislation; immigration rules; concessions and policies; and European law

• the main categories of entry and stay under the immigration rules

• the Points based System for working & studying in the UK

• visitors

• family applications for settlement

• nationality - through naturalisation and registration

• introduction to criminal offences

• EEA rights of movement and residence

• asylum (as permitted at level 1)

For the OISC Guidance on Competence at Level 1 please click here.

NB: Attending this course will not in itself lead to accreditation or the OISC granting exemption or registration, which is dependent on passing OISC audits and procedures.

Please note that we strongly advise trainees to familiarise themselves with the OISC Code of Standards requirements and Guidance on Competence before attending the OISC courses. These can be found here.

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