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ILPA: Surrogacy: immigration, nationality and family law issues

WEB 1096 Surrogacy: immigration, nationality and family law issues

Thursday 06 May 2021 @ 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm


In a case-based seminar, we will look at immigration, nationality and related family law problems arising out of the developing law in this area.

These include nationality and immigration law issues (including obtaining passports and travel documents for the children); the post-Brexit impact on international surrogacy; private international conflicts of law; questions of domicile and the appropriate family jurisdiction; obtaining family orders in the UK and getting permission to bring surrogate children into or to remove them permanently from the UK.

This complex area of law will be covered by discussion of the following scenarios:

• Two British gay men who enter a surrogacy arrangement in the US
• a married British couple who commission a child in Ukraine.
• an expat married couple who have arranged an overseas surrogacy but want a British family order
• an expat or foreign married couple who have come to the UK to have a child by a private surrogacy arrangement in the UK.
• the implications of an informal surrogacy arrangement in the UK, with an overseas birth mother – examples to include an EU and non-EU mothers

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