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ILPA: Sole Representatives (WEBINAR)

Tuesday 19 October 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This course aims to provide an overview of the Representative of an Overseas Business visa, including representatives of Overseas newspapers, news agencies, or broadcasting organisations, as well as reviewing common issues arising in such applications.

Topics to be covered:

1. Introduction – Immigration Rules
2. Cross Cutting requirements

• General grounds for refusal

• Dependents

• English language test

• Maintenance

• Eligibility for settlement

• Recent changes to the route

3. ​Sole representatives coming to the UK to establish a branch of an overseas business

• Background of the company – assessing the parent company, various corporate structures – branches, wholly owned subsidiary

• Background of the individual – seniority, length of service with the overseas company, shares in the company, consider the length of time that the company has been established, its turnover, profitability and number of employees. It must be the intention that the business remains centered abroad.

4. Representatives of overseas media businesses with no established presence in the UK – key considerations at different stages of the application process:

• Entry clearance applications – in circumstances where the company has already been set up in the UK

• Extension applications

• Settlement

5. Refusals
6. Appeals
7. Case Studies

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