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ILPA: Mental Health in Immigration & Asylum Law

WEB 1247 Mental Health in Immigration & Asylum Law

Thursday 23 November 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
£55.00 - £165.00


This course will assist practitioners to develop knowledge and best practice of dealing with mental health issues experienced by clients

Level: All levels


This webinar will assist practitioners who wish to have more knowledge of best practice and procedural issues that often arise with vulnerable clients including, for example, the complexities in the appointment of litigation friends.

With reference to authorities and policy guidance, we will examine how a client's mental health is relevant to credibility and risk on return, as well looking at how we can successfully argue health grounds under Articles 3 and 8 ECHR and Paragraph 276ADE(vi).

In this webinar we will aim to cover the following topics:

• Identifying vulnerabilities in Applicants

• How capacity is determined and the appointment of litigation friends for those lacking capacity

• A detailed look at Tribunal Guidance Note and Practice Direction on Child, Vulnerable Adult and Sensitive Witnesses and how this can be used to best assist Applicants

• Seeking anonymity directions for vulnerable clients

• When it is and is not appropriate to have an in-camera hearing

• Making full use of the CMRHs and seeking adjournments where there are vulnerabilities

• We will consider how to address credibility issues for those with mental health issues

• The link between mental health and risk on return in an asylum or humanitarian protection claim

• How to successfully challenge a removal on mental health grounds under Articles 3 and 8 ECHR, including Paragraph 276ADE(vi)

• Expert medical evidence

• A look at recent case law to see how it has developed and how we can best use this for our clients

• A consideration of UKVI policy and other useful guidance


This webinar is suitable for all practitioners working in immigration and asylum law. It is hoped that it will offer a range of material that will be useful at all levels.

Tutor: Priya Solanki, One Pump Court Chambers

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