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ILPA: Expansion Worker: an overview

WEB 2113 Expansion Worker: an overview

Tuesday 13 February 2024 @ 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
£85.00 - £229.00

Aim of the course: to consolidate knowledge of the UK Expansion Worker category, share practical tips and analyse the route strategically.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate


The UK Expansion category, targeted at businesses outside the UK which are seeking to expand their presence within the UK, was introduced on 11 April 2022 (as one of the five new Global Mobility routes) and has replaced the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business category. This session will summarise areas of similarity between the new route and the one it replaces, key changes and how practitioners can best support their clients in navigating the new category.

Topics will include:

• Strategic assessment – when to use the Expansion Worker route
• Requirements for businesses seeking to obtain a licence to sponsor on this route
• Eligibility criteria for migrant worker
• Documents required in support of the application
• Practical considerations
• Tips on making a successful application
• Case studies
• Periods of grant and long term planning to remain in the UK


The session is aimed at practitioners who have a basic knowledge of the category.

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