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ILPA: Employing Migrant Workers: skilled workers and sponsorship

WEB 3036 Employing Migrant Workers: skilled workers and sponsorship


Wednesday 17 July 2024 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
£85.00 - £229.00

Employing migrant workers: skilled workers, sponsorship and alternatives

Level: Basic – Intermediate


A basic to intermediate level course aimed at those who do not yet feel confident with sponsorship and business immigration. We will take a closer look at the requirements for employers and workers.


• Skilled Worker and Global Business Mobility sponsorship, and the requirements for employers and workers;
• specific issues such as new overseas hires, salary points scoring, and applications to the Home Office (eg priority for Defined CoS allocations);
• the impact of the changes to the eligibility criteria for minimum salary levels for newly sponsored and extending staff, and;
• alternative immigration routes for those avoiding the sponsorship scheme.

The aim of the course is to expand and develop knowledge of business immigration law. We will demystify the sponsorship system and equip attendees to speak with confidence and precision on this tricky subject.


This course is suited to all immigration practitioners and HR personnel for UK companies wishing to sponsor migrant workers.

Please note this course will not cover the health and care visa or the specific rules relating to health and education sector roles.

Tutors: Laura Darnley, Partner at Ward Hadaway and Shara Pledger, Senior Associate at Pinsent Masons

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