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ILPA: Domestic Violence in Immigration Law (WEBINAR)

Thursday 13 October 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


In this webinar, we will consider the difficulties that can arise with the requirements for indefinite leave to remain for victims of domestic violence, how clients who do not meet the Appendix FM DV immigration rules can be assisted, we will discuss challenging adverse decisions for these Applicants and also making applications for victims under the EEA Regulations.

In this webinar, we will cover the following:

• The destitution domestic violence concession application process, the authorities on this and how this concession might be used to assist credibility

• Appendix FM DV-ILR, including the finer requirements on the relevant date of violence, domestic violence being the causative force of the breakdown, the evidential requirement and the suitability requirements

• Challenging adverse decisions by appeal (with a detailed look at the case law on rights of appeals against these decisions), administrative review and judicial review

• Detailed consideration of UKVI Policy Guidance on Domestic Violence

• Assisting Applicants who do not meet the requirements of DV-ILR

• Applications for victims under EEA law, with a consideration of case law and making applications for unmarried partners

• Funding in domestic violence cases

Attendee Feedback:

Priya was an engaging trainer and passionate about the subject.

The tutor had an excellent approach and ability to explain complex situations in a relevant and clear manner. The caselaw examples and application along with the case study was particularly helpful.

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