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HJT - Running an Immigration Law Firm

Join us to discuss how to successfully run an immigration law firm.

• Financial/management issues

o Need for access to justice
o Risks of narrow client base
o Specialisation in immigration law
o Division of work among staff
o Managing your finances
o Setting up office systems

• Client care issues

o Use of interpreters
o Reliance on relatives' instructions
o Professional distance
o Avoiding discrimination

• Relations with the Government & courts

o Duty of honesty
o Duties to clients and the courts
o Hamid cases

• Relations with the media

o Social media activity
o Interaction with the press

Delegates will be provided with digital copies of materials via email. Please note, materials are NOT printable due to copyright.


HJT Training
Mark Symes, HJT Director & tenant at Garden Court Chambers & Usman Sheikh
£45 + VAT
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