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HJT - OISC Level 2 Accreditation Course

Our OISC Level 2 course runs over two days, and consists of more complex casework (i.e. applications outside of the Immigration Rules). In this course we cover the syllabus at level two which maybe downloaded from our useful links.

This course is specifically aimed at immigration advisers seeking accreditation at Level 2 and may be more suitable to those who are interested in becoming acquainted with immigration and asylum law. This two day course is tailored to less experienced practitioners preparing to accredit at a lower level. Be warned at the outset that, although the course does not cover the same detail required for the more advanced four day course, the trainers will still need to move at a fairly intensive pace to cover all the necessary ground.

London TBC
HJT Training
£349 +VAT
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Booking Contact Details:
Amanda Gladden - 020 3766 3860
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