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HJT - Advocacy in the Immigration Courts

This course is useful for immigration practitioners wishing to master the key principles and procedures in the appeals process, and to give training on the basics of advocacy.  More and more firms are looking for advocates willing to present cases in court.  

The key to good advocacy is good preparation and the ability to persuade.  We hope to give you useful tips on both, and help you become a more effective advocate.  The course is therefore aimed at those with, or seeking qualification at LSC level 2/OISC level 3, and will assume the requisite knowledge of substantive immigration law.

We will cover the fundamentals and the key procedures, including:

  • General procedural issues – CMRHs, withdrawals, amending grounds, service of documents, and wasted costs
  • Drafting of Statements
  • Drafting of skeleton arguments
  • Preparing the bundle for use by the advocate
  • Ethics
  • Practical tips on presentation and persuasion
  • Witness handling
  • Vulnerable witnesses

This course will be delivered by Sandra Akinbolu, Lamb Building.

Zone 1 London
HJT Training
Sandra Akinbolu (Lamb Building)
£199 + VAT
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