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Free Movement: OISC Level 1 Guided Learning Training Course

Course overview

Free Movement’s approach to OISC Level 1 training is to offer ‘guided learning’. Trainees study our online materials in their own time and then come together online after each module to go through key learning points and discuss additional exercises with the tutor. Over four weeks we hold eight tutor-led online seminars: twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays between 4pm and 5.30pm with a maximum group size of ten trainees.

The first seven seminars focus on law and practice and the final one covers regulation, ethics and exam preparation. Trainees can sit a mock OISC Level 1 exam after the course concludes and will receive marks and feedback.

For more information about this course and to view the course syllabus, click here.

Who is this course for?

The course is perfect for those wanting to learn immigration law for the first time. You do not need any prior experience and you do not need previous legal training. It is aimed at those who are new to immigration law.

If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the OISC level 1 exams, this is the way to do it. If you work or volunteer for a charity or NGO and want to get a better handle on the system as a whole, the course is perfect for you. If you are already a lawyer but want to transition into doing more immigration work… you get the picture.

Why should you take this course?

Free Movement has over 3,000 active members from a huge range of firms and organisations. Hundreds of our members have taken our existing OISC level 1 course.

Our approach of guided learning, self-study, a structured course and small group seminars over a four-week period offers a much better and more relaxed learning environment than a compacted crammer course. It gives you the chance to think about what you are learning and digest the material you cover. We offer you the best opportunity to really understand how immigration law works and to pass the OISC level 1 exams.

Online - Zoom
Free Movement
Jasmine Quiller-Doust
£500 + VAT
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