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British Naturalisation Refresher Course

British Naturalisation Refresher

What is this Immigration Course on?

British naturalisation and registration applications are in many cases fairly straightforward but sometimes they are more complex. Similarly, issues about entitlement to British citizenship can sometimes be complex, particularly so because the immigration laws in this area have built up over a period of many years.

In this half-day refresher immigration course, we remind you about basic principles of British Naturalisation and go into a few of the more complex ones.

When is the Course?

This immigration course is scheduled for Monday, 27th January 2022, between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

Where shall the Course be held?

The course is scheduled to be held online and shall be conducted on Microsoft Teams. The Joining link shall be emailed to participants upon booking.

Who should attend?
  • OISC Immigration Advisers
  • Paralegals, Solicitors & Barristers
  • IAAS Trainee Caseworkers, Caseworkers & Senior caseworkers
  • Those with an interest in British Nationality
  • Individuals applying to become British citizens.
Will I receive an Immigration Law Handbook?

Yes, you shall receive an immigration law handbook for the course before the start date. If you would like a hard-copy immigration law handbook, please let us know.

How many CPD hours are available?

This immigration course constitutes 3 CPD hours.

How much does the Course cost?

The course costs £99.99, which includes VAT.

How do I book on?

The British Naturalisation Refresher can be booked on our website.

Interested in other immigration courses?

We'd love for you to join our other immigration law courses. See the full list of courses here on our website.

Online - Microsoft Teams
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