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Highly Skilled Migrants protest against the injustice of the Home Office

Written by
Shehzad Khan, Highly Skilled Migrants
Date of Publication:
30 January 2018

Highly Skilled Migrants have contributed massively to the British economy. We are doctors, engineers, IT professionals, lawyers, lecturers, teachers, etc. Highly Skilled Migrants have contributed over £250bn to the British economy and most of us have spent over a decade in the United Kingdom.

The Home Office is taking an unreasonably long time to process applications, in some cases between 18-24 months. The Home Office is also exercising the use of discretionary powers under Immigration rules 322-5 and is refusing applications if there are any tax rectifications. The applications processed by the Secretary of State are inconsistent: people with the same immigration history are successful with one application and unsuccessful with another.

We are here today to highlight these injustices at 10 Downing Street. The purpose of this peaceful demonstration is to highlight the suffering faced by highly skilled professionals and their families over such a prolonged period.

We want to make a positive change. Our aim is to raise awareness against discriminatory and inhumane Home Office policies.

We are Highly Skilled Migrants, a group of over 600 doctors, engineers, IT professionals, teachers, lawyers and are here to challenge the Home Office in the courts.