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When is it too harsh to separate a child from their parent?

By Michael Spencer, UK Human Rights Blog
HA (Iraq) [2020] EWCA Civ 1176 and AA (Nigeria) [2020] EWCA Civ 1296 There has, in recent years, been a proliferation of case law on appeals against deportation by foreign national criminals on grounds of private and family life. The statutory scheme is complex enough, but the…

A hostile environment for immigration lawyers

By Katie Newbury
I sometimes joke that I dread telling people what I do for a living. I am of course immensely proud of my work as an immigration lawyer, but the mere mention of immigration can invite less than positive responses. I have found myself defending immigration and correcting a lot of…

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Immigration (Health Charge) (Amendment) Order 2020

SI 2020 No. 1086. This Order amends the Immigration (Health Charge) Order 2015 (the annual amount of the immigration health charge is increased from £400 to £624, and from £300 to £470 for students and those under 18). Coming into force 27th October 2020.

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