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A Quick Guide To The Family Visa Minimum Income Requirements

By Reiss Edwards
For family members wishing to join a loved one already present in the UK, the thought of having to complete the family visa application process for yourself and your children can seem daunting. This is not least because the UK Home Office place strict eligibility criteria on the…

Understanding Immigration's Economic Impact

By Harry Sanders, Immigration Advice Service
For years before the vote to leave the EU – a decision motivated in large part by the desire to restrict immigration into the UK – Britain has long been the seat of anti-immigrant sentiment based on the perceived detrimental impact that immigration has on the UK economy. Typical…

Strasbourg finds Nigerian man’s deportation violated article 8

By Asad Ali Khan
Unuane v United Kingdom – 80343/17 [2020] ECHR 832 (24 November 2020): In the case of Mr Unuane, a Nigerian national, who had been deported from the UK after a conviction for offences relating to falsification of immigration documents, the ECtHR found a violation of article 8 of…

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