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Academic with expertise on many countries in the Middle East

Consultant, writer, journalist. Senior Associate Member, St Antony’s College, Oxford University.
Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Palestinian Territory (West Bank and Gaza), Syria, Yemen

Independent researcher and Middle East consultant.  Academic with extensive experience in country expert reports, nationality assessment, and language analysis. 

Occupation: Director of the Middle East Consulting Ltd; Honorary Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter 

Director of the Middle East Consulting Ltd
Iran, Iraq, Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government), Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey

Dr Ghobadi, Kaveh

Areas of expertise: country expert reports, nationality assessment, language analysis, Gender-based violence, Ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East, and Document authentication. 

Occupation: Independent researcher

Countries of expertise: Kurdistan Regional of Iraq (KRI), Iraq, Iran, Turkey

Independent Researcher
Iran, Iraq, Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government), Turkey

Expert on Afghanistan with experience of producing several hundred expert reports on asylum cases from 2004 onwards on all aspects of Afghanistan and has acted as expert witness in trials in the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. In recent months expert has produced several reports on Pakistani asylum seeker.  

Director, AG Research and Analysis Consultancy; consultant; analyst
Afghanistan, Pakistan

Journalist and Broadcaster, with direct experience of 'post-war' Iraq

Documentary film maker and journalist;