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Dr Farhaan Wali is a religious studies expert with specialisation in South Asia. He has spent several years in the field, carrying out research across Pakistan, India and Afghanistan; he has spent over 10 years engaging in field research, and case study analysis, working intimately with religious communities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. He is a peer-reviewed member of the academic community, currently lecturing at Bangor University. He has authored 25 expert legal reports between January 2018 and July 2018, particularly in immigration, asylum and terrorism cases, where his specialised academic knowledge has been invoked and cited.

Lecturer in Religious Studies at Bangor University (UK)
Afghanistan, India, Pakistan

I am a published doctoral researcher focusing on contemporary Lao culture, politics and society both within Laos and the diaspora. I am particularly interested in ethnic minorities within Laos

PhD Anthropology - Goldsmiths, London (2013-)

MSc Applied Social Research - University of Hull (2011-2013)

Bsc Sci Social Anthropology – University of Manchester (2002-2005)Doctoral researcher with considerable expertise on Laos. 

Doctoral Researcher