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By Nick Armstrong, EUtopia Law, 24 June 2016
COUNTDOWN TO THE REFERENDUM: A series of articles by Matrix that will explore a number of legal topics surrounding the UK referendum on 23 June 2016. Immigration and Brexit Nick Armstrong is a member of the Matrix immigration team...
By Ben Amunwa, Law mostly, 3 June 2016
When I attend a Tribunal hearing, I usually bring my laptop and charger. And I type almost all the time, religiously. Where possible I aim for a verbatim record, although that can be hard when people speak quickly or quietly or both....
By Fraser Simpson, UK Human Rights Blog, 27 May 2016
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled (J.N. v. the United Kingdom, Application no. 37289/12, 19 May 2016) that the general system for detention of individuals prior to deportation in the United Kingdom, which lacks specific...

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