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By Joanna Wilding, University of Brighton via The Conversation, 28 September 2015
As the refugee crisis continues to dominate headlines around the world, local authorities in Britain are in dispute with the government over the funding they receive for the care of unaccompanied children seeking asylum. They have...
By Nearly Legal, 21 September 2015
Following hard on the heels of J's excellent post on the Immigration Bill, we now have further discussion of the EU right to reside rules by the CJEU in Jobcenter Berlin Neukolln v Alimanovic Case C-67/14 (to which I might say,...
By Nick Gill, Rebecca Rotter, Andrew Burridge, Melanie Griffiths and Jennifer Allsopp, 8 September 2015
From the September 2015 issue of Forced Migration Review: New research findings indicate that factors such as the gender of the judge and of the appellant, and where the appellant lives, are influencing asylum appeal adjudication....

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  • SI 2015 No. 768. These Regulations specify fees relating to immigration, nationality and associated functions. They are made further to the Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Order 2015, which sets out the functions in connection with...

  • SI 2015 No. 746. This Order, made under sections 68(2) and 69(2) of the Immigration Act 2014, sets out the functions in connection with immigration or nationality for which the Secretary of State is to charge a fee. Coming into force...

  • SI 2015 No. 694. These Regulations amend the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 (including bringing the legal framework within which appeals may be brought against a decision taken under the 2006 Regulations into line...

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