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By Sheila Hayman, Freedom from Torture, 25 April 2016
I’m on a packed Piccadilly Line train in rush hour. I’m going to provide moral support to a former member of the Write to Life Group, at her asylum appeal hearing at the First Tier Immigration Tribunal - somewhere near...
By Ben Amunwa via The Justice Gap, 20 April 2016
Torture is universally held in open contempt by the UK legal system. Except, of course, in national security cases, where the evidence of UK complicity in torture overseas may be kept secret, as the High Court case of Kamoka & Ors...
By Ben Amunwa, Law mostly, 14 April 2016
Where a foreign national is convicted of an offence and sentenced to at least 4 years imprisonment, the government must make a deportation order against them. If that person then appeals against the deportation order on the grounds...

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