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By Ben Amunwa, Law mostly, 15 August 2017
Claimants and Defendants in judicial review claims should be familiar with this new Court guide or they could face adverse costs consequences. In this post, Law mostly gives you a comparative analysis of the key changes from last year...
By Latitude Law, 31 July 2017
Following the decision in MM (Lebanon) & Others v SSHD [2017] UKSC 10, new Immigration Rules have been drafted to explain what sources of income can be used by a family wanting to live together in the UK. Those rules are not...
By Jonathan Metzer, UK Human Rights Blog, 13 July 2017
R (Kiarie) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; R (Byndloss) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] UKSC 42: The Government's flagship scheme to deport foreign criminals first and hear their appeals later was...

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