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By UK Supreme Court Blog, 16 September 2014
This summer, some of the editors of the UKSC Blog were invited to the UKSC to meet and interview Lord Neuberger. Upon arrival we were taken to his office and offered cups of coffee and croissants. Notwithstanding the fact that the...
By Ruth Grove-White, Migrants' Rights Network, 12 September 2014
A week before Scotland goes to the polls, the outcome of the independence referendum seems too close to call. But what could be its implications for immigration policy? Next Thursday's independence referendum has galvanised the...
By Nadine Khan, transitnational, 3 September 2014
Here's a round-up of some of the UK's biggest news in the past few weeks. 1. The Office for National Statistics reported net migration increased by 39% over the previous 12 months, ending March 2014. 2. MP Douglass Carswell...

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