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By John Kelly, 25 August 2014
It’s been something of a notable month for bundles. Regular readers of EIN news will have seen a recent item here on a very interesting report looking at the 'culture of disbelief' in the UK asylum system by the Refugee Studies Centre...
By Andy Keefe, Freedom from Torture, 7 August 2014
Marie* was arrested and imprisoned for attending a peaceful anti-government demonstration organised by students at her university in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During her three months in detention she was raped, beaten and burned with...
By Faraz Shibli, 24 July 2014
Earlier this month, Channel 4 News reported the Home Office's removal from the UK of a client of mine. She was a Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seeker, who claimed that she had been detained, raped and tortured by soldiers in Sri Lanka due to her...

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