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Privacy policy and cookies


This website is built on the popular Drupal open source platform and uses a number of standard Drupal cookies in order to function fully.

The SESS... cookie is a Drupal session cookie used when an authorised user (in other words, an EIN member) logs in. You won't get this if you are an anonymous user.

The has_js cookie records whether your browser has JavaScript enabled.

The collapsiblock cookie is used to remember the last state of the expandable/collapsible blocks used on the EIN website for each user.

The text_resize cookie is ued to remember the text size you selected if you used the JavaScript text resizing feature on the website (expires in 365 days).

Collecting information

The standard Drupal logs used on the EIN website collect information on usage - IP addresses, URLs visited, and related information - and is recorded for all site visitors for the purpose of site traffic analytics and to enable us to check and rectify any website errors. The data in these logs normally lasts for approximately two to three weeks and is then overwritten. Data in these logs is only accessible to EIN staff or to organisations working on the EIN website (in practice, this means only our website developers and HJT Research, country reports producers).

For an authorised user (in other words, an EIN member), Drupal logs the date and time that you last accessed the website.

We also collect and store long term usage data using the popular AWStats open source web analytics reporting tool. This lets us monitor usage for EIN members and users, should this information ever be needed. Data in these logs is only accessible to EIN staff or organisations working on the EIN website.

The website holds the name and e-mail of EIN members. Address information will be held by the EIN website if you use the sign up or renew forms. Credit card payment details are handled separately and securely by WorldPay.