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Dr Ghobadi, Kaveh

Areas of expertise: country expert reports, nationality assessment, language analysis, Gender-based violence, Ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East, and Document authentication. 

Occupation: Independent researcher

Countries of expertise: Kurdistan Regional of Iraq (KRI), Iraq, Iran, Turkey

Dr Kaveh Ghobadi
Independent Researcher

Country expert report  

Nationality assessment

Language analysis

Document authentication

Ethnic and religious minorities in Middle East

Gender-based violence 


Peer reviewed journal articles

Ghobadi, K. “On the Path to Manhood: Fathers and Sons in Contemporary Kurdish Novels”, Iran Namag (forthcoming)

Ghobadi, K.“From Writing Kurdish as a Political Act to Aesthetic Political Writing”,  (forthcoming)

Other publications

Ghobadi K. “Iran’s City and Village Council Elections and Women’s Political Participation”, Open Democracy, 2017

Ghobadi, K. “A Magic Realist Novel which Reinforces the Status Quo: A Study of Backtyar Ali’s Şarî Mosîqare Sipyekan”, Zarema (forthcoming)

Ghobadi, K. “The Fall of a Utopia in Sharam Qawami’s Siweyla”, Zarema, Vol. I, No. 3 (Spring 2015), pp. 123-135

Kurdish, Persian, working knowledge of Arabic
Ethnic groups expertise: 
Kurds, Azeris, Persians, and Arabs
Political groups expertise: 
Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI); Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP Iran); Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan; Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK); Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iraq); Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK); Gorran Movement
Religious groups expertise: 
Islamist groups in Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan
Other social groups expertise: 
Religious and ethnic minorities in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey
Contact email: 
Countries of expertise:
Iran, Iraq, Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government), Turkey