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Experts on countries of origin by country

Area of expertise: For opinions on Indian Law on Citizenship and Nationality issues, Family law including inter-faith marriages and mixed race children, child custody and abduction, caste system and Honour killings, Civil and Criminal law including crimes committed against women, Human Rights Law, Homosexuality, police persecution of Sikhs and those involved with Maoists groups, Domestic Violence Law, functioning and role of local police, relocation in India, Conversion of religion, validity and authenticity of Indian documents, foreign exchange violations and money laundering and cross border issues involving Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Nepalese nationals.

Advocate in the Indian Judicial System since 1999.

Former practising solicitor in Iran with expertise of the Iranian legal and court system and Iranian documents. Fluent in Farsi.

Former Iranian lawyer

Iranian present solicitor with 13 years’ experience in Judicial system, within various sections of the Judiciary in Iran.


David Seddon - specialist in politics and human rights especially in Franco-phone and Arabic- speaking Africa and the Middle East - experience of expert reports especially on subject of social/ethnic/political groups at risk of persecution, brutal and degrading treatment and torture. tel 01379669109 (answer phone),07718 122 245 (mobile).

Director of Critical Faculty, an independent consultancy undertaking risk analysis, mainly in the political field; also research associate at the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies, University of Exeter.
Afghanistan, Algeria, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco and Western Sahara, Nepal, Niger, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen

Dr Chris Smith has completed over 1,000 expert witness reports on Sri Lanka, since 2005, primarily for the UK courts but also in Australia, Canada and the USA

Most recent one month research visit to Northern Sri Lanka in February 2018.  Will visit the Eastern Province later in 2018.

Oral expert evidence in all recent Sri Lankan Country Guidance cases from LP to GJ and Others.

Also, India, especially Tamil Nadu.

Senior Research Fellow, School of Advanced Study, University of London, PhD, MA, B.SocSci
Sri Lanka

Friederike Stahlmann is member of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle (Saale), Germany. Her main areas of expertise regarding Afghanistan are:


- Critical areas of governance (state and non-state)

- Armed factions (Warlords, Taliban, ISIS)

- Laws and judicial system

- Islamic Law in theory and practice

- Failures of justice institutions (state and non-state)

- Human Rights: law, debates and violations

- Particularly vulnerable groups

- Unaccompanied minor refugees

- Availability of medical service

- Afghan diaspora in Pakistan and Iran

PhD Candidate, Consultant

Dr. Tran Thi Lan Anh (PhD in Law) has worked as a senior official for the Vietnamese Government. Expert holds PhD in Law from the School of Law, University of Leeds and worked as post-doctoral researcher on human rights here.

Dr. Tran Thi Lan Anh is also an expert on various aspect of Vietnam in include the socio-economic system, legal regime, human rights, political regime, women and children, and human trafficking. This expert has written many expert reports and made numerous appearances at the court as an expert witness.

Independent Consultant, Representative for the Vietnam Private Business Association in the United Kingdom; Visiting lecturer at Hanoi National Economics University
Cambodia, China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam

Rano Turaeva-Hoehne is an Expert/Consultant and a Senior Researcher affiliated at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Germany.
Areas of expertise
- Authentication documents originating from countries of expertise.
- Country reports on the indicated countries of expertise
- minority groups, religious groups
- Political, social and cultural groups: LGBT
- Organized crime and mafia, state crime
- Extremist and violent groups, including religious groups
- Human rights violations
- Women issues: honor killing
- Human trafficking
-psychiatry and prison conditions
-Disadvantaged groups e.g. children, minorities, mentally ill, disabled, terminally ill
-- Availability of medical services
- State structure, military and security services
- Drug dealing and trafficking

Expert/ Consultant/Analyst/Researcher
Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Dr Farhaan Wali is a sociologist and religious studies expert with specialisation in radicalisation, terrorist groups and regional expertise related to migration and conflict in Asia and the Middle East. He has spent several years in the field, carrying out research both in Britain and abroad. He has been involved in a number of cross-cultural research projects in the private and public sector. As an expert in South Asia, he spent several years conducting fieldwork in Pakistan. In Pakistan, he worked alongside local politicians and social workers, gaining considerable insight into national and local political and legal structures in Pakistan. In 2010, he conducted extensive fieldwork in Bosnia and Herzegovina on post-conflict theory and migration. He is the author of Radicalism Unveiled (2013), which is a detailed study of the rise of Islamic radicalism in Britain.

Lecturer in Religious Studies at Bangor University (UK)
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan

I am a published doctoral researcher focusing on contemporary Lao culture, politics and society both within Laos and the diaspora. I am particularly interested in ethnic minorities within Laos

PhD Anthropology - Goldsmiths, London (2013-)

MSc Applied Social Research - University of Hull (2011-2013)

Bsc Sci Social Anthropology – University of Manchester (2002-2005)Doctoral researcher with considerable expertise on Laos. 

Doctoral Researcher