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Experts on countries of origin by country

Dr Ashraf Hoque is a social anthropologist who is interested in migration and diaspora, the anthropology of Islam, and political and legal anthropology. Expert has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Bangladesh and England. In Bangladesh, works with politicians, political parties and their followers in an agricultural community. In England, this expert works with Muslim youth in Luton, religious leaders, local politicians, and the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets, London.

Anthropologist / Research Associate

Expert Witness skilled in advising the courts on cases involving Sri Lankan, Pakistan and the Maldive Islands asylum seekers.

Journalist and Editor.
Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Iranian Lawyer and PhD in Middle East international politics and law (Durham Univ) - with vast experience in producing expert reports on Iranian Law and the Judicial System; also available to comment on the authentication of legal and other official documents.

Iranian lawyer and lecturer in international comparative criminal law; member of the International Bar Association and its Human Rights Institute.

Roya Kashefi is the head of  Human Rights Committee of Association des Chercheurs Iraniens (ACI), an international non-profit organisation dedicated to unbiased and objective study of Iranian issues. Roya has presented papers at many international conferences including the United Nations, UK, European and EU Parliaments. Roya has a close working relationship with ethnic and religious groups inside and outside Iran as well as expert knowledge of Iranian political groups and parties.
As an independent expert of contemporary Iranian politics and human rights issues, she is regularly invited to comment on international radio and television. In addition, Roya has been involved with and assisted in the production of many television, and radio documentaries on the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1994. 
Roya is also a founding member of two non-profit organisations: MDG3 (Millennium Development Goal 3) which is a coalition of several international women’s rights NGOs dedicated to the social and political participation of women and International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI) with particular interest in women’s issues.
Roya also has a close working relationship with the UN Committee of the Convention of the Rights of the Child providing updated information to the committee members to assist in their assessment of the situation in Iran. Roya has chaired and presented papers at expert seminars on Public Policy and Child Rights, a joint EU initiative with MENA countries.
Her particular area of interest is minority rights in Iran and current research focuses on two issues firstly, education and job opportunities for women in Iran, and secondly national and international laws and policies affecting the lives of Iran's ethnic and religious groups.
Since year 2000, with her expertise on national Codes and civil and human rights issues concerning Islamic Republic of Iran Roya has regularly provided the English, EU and Canadian Immigration Appeals Courts and Tribunals with expert reports on Iran and issues concerning the Islamic Republic.

Senior Researcher and Head of Human Rights Committee – Association des Chercheurs Iraniens (ACI)
Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Exceptional expertise on the Karamojong and the Kikuyu; general expertise on many other peoples in East Africa and religion, politics, and violence there.
Academic Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute
Kenya, Uganda

Head of Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and Extraordinary Professor at the Martin Luther University, Halle/S., Germany. Many years of experience preparing expert reports. Issues dealt with: human rights, ethnicity, religion, gender-related discrimination/violence, female genital cutting/mutilation (FGC/FGM), secret societies, political activism/persecution, trafficking, child soldiers, domestic and sexual slavery, homophobia.

Occupation: Head of the Research Group “Integration and Conflict along the Upper Guinea Coast“ at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and Extraordinary Professor at the Martin Luther University, Halle/S., Germany.
Gambia, Guinea, Indonesia, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Experienced country of origin expert for all nationals from Southeast Asia and China; specialist from one of the leading think-tanks in the world. Have provided expert witness reports for fifteen years for asylum cases in the UK, Europe, and US for nationals from across South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia. Also have provided expert witness reports for non-asylum immigration cases for nationals from South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia.

Senior Fellow, Southeast Asia, Council on Foreign Relations
Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Extensive experience in expert reports on all the countries listed, and also in particular, Kurds in country of origin and diaspora

Freelance writer & broadcast journalist since 1985 specializing in Near East; photographer
Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Western Sahara, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Turkey

Intercultural and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, specialising in issues relevant to various Muslim countries, incl vendettas, honour killing, domestic violence, PTSD, Rape Trauma Syndrome, assault in detention and traumas of migration and exile.

Intercultural and psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Formerly taught English to speakers of other languages. Also worked for the Refugee Council, Goldsmiths’ College, and Nafsiyat Inter cultural Therapy Centre.
Albania, Iran, Iraq, Turkey

Academic, based in USA, experienced in written and oral expert reports in USA, Canada and UK, on many social groups and diverse matters including violence and torture.

Barber B. Conable Jr. Endowed Chair in International Studies, Rochester Institute of Technology (former Professor of History, University of California)
Benin, Ghana, Togo

Expert on stateless Kurds of Syria, worked as researcher and humanitarian on Syria and Iraq more broadly. Speaks Arabic and Kurdish (Kurmanci/Badini). 

Independent Researcher
Iraq, Syria

Expert on Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar and UAE. Award-winning freelance journalist and author, presenter, producer and consultant specialising in the Middle East. Born in Jedda, Saudi Arabia and studied Arabic at Pembroke College, Oxford University.

Author, Journalist and Consultant
Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Former British diplomat with experience of the Arab world, Greece, Cyprus and former Soviet Union; knowledge of Arabic, Greek and Russian, experience of translating documents. 

Retired Diplomat
Cyprus, Libya, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

The expert has prepared hundreds of expert opinions on Pakistani Law matters for English Law firms and is an expert on all Political Groups in Pakistan.

An experienced academician in law and former Senior Lecturer in Pakistani Law at several Law Colleges in Pakistan since 1996 and an Associate of the Asian Legal Advice Service UK

Journalist and researcher, with more than twenty years experience reporting on human rights, development issues and related humanitarian affairs. Has prepared a number of expert witness reports for the UK, USA and the Netherlands. Extensive base of complementary knowledge in Francophone Africa. 

Journalist and Researcher specialising in Sub-Sahara Africa
Angola, Cameroon, Congo (Republic of), Cote d`Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Academic/Development Specialist with specific interest in nationality, ethnicity, governance, religion and risk of persecution.

Senior Fellow University of Manchester (Hon.); Senior Lecturer in International Development University of Manchester IDPM (1981-2003); United Nations (1985/6) (1989/91) Assoc. Professor University of Wisconsin (1980-1981)
Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, Tunisia

Iranian lawyer with substantial work experience with clients, courts, police, etc in Iran, as well as international organizations. Expert in Iranian legal system and Islamic law. Available also for authentication of Iranian documents

Iranian Attorney at Law and Visiting Lecturer at Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London

Specialist in Iranian & Islamic Law and the Iranian judicial system, with UK experience of expert reports, including divorce matters

Registered UK Immigration Advisor - Mizan International

Author, speaker and Country Expert (DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan) and Expert Witness in Social Cultural, Linguistic, Religious and Ethnic Issues in Litigation (Great Lakes Region of Africa).



Director, Researcher and Expert Witness (Expert Advisory and Research Services, UK)
Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda

Area of expertise: For opinions on Indian Law on Citizenship and Nationality issues, Family law including inter-faith marriages and mixed race children, child custody and abduction, caste system and Honour killings, Civil and Criminal law including crimes committed against women, Human Rights Law, Homosexuality, police persecution of Sikhs and those involved with Maoists groups, Domestic Violence Law, functioning and role of local police, relocation in India, Conversion of religion, validity and authenticity of Indian documents, foreign exchange violations and money laundering and cross border issues involving Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Nepalese nationals.

Advocate in the Indian Judicial System since 1999.

Former practising solicitor in Iran with expertise of the Iranian legal and court system and Iranian documents. Fluent in Farsi.

Former Iranian lawyer

David Seddon - specialist in politics and human rights especially in Franco-phone and Arabic- speaking Africa and the Middle East - experience of expert reports especially on subject of social/ethnic/political groups at risk of persecution, brutal and degrading treatment and torture. tel 01379669109 (answer phone),07718 122 245 (mobile).

Director of Critical Faculty, an independent consultancy undertaking risk analysis, mainly in the political field; also research associate at the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies, University of Exeter.
Afghanistan, Algeria, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco and Western Sahara, Nepal, Niger, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen

Mr. Alireza Sheybat has over 18 years of experience in Telecommunication, Electronics, Electronics Security and surveillance. And can also comment on Electronic Technology related matters including to online publications, website, weblogs and etc.

Telecommunication, Electronics Security, Surveillance, Media, Broadcasting, Technology and Interception Specialist.
China, Iran

Have produced over 300 expert reports for the courts and have given oral expert evidence in litigation including Country Guidance (LP, AN & SS, TK), criminal/terrorism. Have worked for FCO, DFID, AusAID, CPDP (Aus), DFAIT (Canada), plus others.

Research Associate Chatham House; PhD, MA, B.SocSci
Sri Lanka