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Right to Remain publishes updated version of its practical guide to the asylum system

Date of Publication: 
19 January 2018

User-friendly 'Toolkit' helps people understand and navigate UK's asylum and immigration system

Right to Remain publishes updated version of its practical guide to the asylum system

19 January 2018

The migrant rights organisation Right to Remain last week published a revised and updated version of its plain language guide to the UK asylum and immigration system.

The Right to Remain Toolkit aims to help people understand and navigate the complicated asylum and immigration system, find support and solidarity, overcome the barriers to justice, and take action to secure their right to remain.

You can purchase printed copies of the Tookit here or you can read an online version here. Printed copies are available for a donation of between £10 and £20, but Right to Remain stresses that copies are available free of charge to unfunded community groups and people with little or no money.

The Toolkit covers the whole process of applying for asylum, from entering the UK to making a fresh asylum or human rights claim.

Right to Remain says the Toolkit is the result of the needs and requests of migrant community groups, and its importance has grown in line with increasing cuts to legal aid.

"Over the years, UK governments have introduced ever harsher immigration controls, laws and procedures to discourage or prevent people establishing their rights to live in the UK. With or without a lawyer, immigration and asylum applicants face significant legal and procedural barriers to securing their rights," Right to Remain explains.

Right to Remain adds that donations are needed for the continued upkeep of the Toolkit, and you can support the group's work here.