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New publications on judicial review, immigration and nationality law

Date of Publication: 
12 October 2017

Judicial Review: A Practical Guide and Immigration Law Handbook updated, new Home Office historical guide to nationality law

New publications on judicial review, immigration and nationality law

12 October 2017

A brief round-up of some new and forthcoming publications of interest in immigration law.

The third edition of Judicial Review: A Practical Guide was published last month by Jordan Publishing. See here for details.

Authors of the guide are Matrix Chamber's Raj Desai and Hugh Southey, Garden Court's Amanda Weston and Doughty Street's Jude Bunting.

Jordan Publishing says this new edition has been significantly amended to take account of developments in law and practice, including the Administrative Court Judicial Review Guide 2017 (see Ben Amunwa's blog about it here on EIN) and the limitations upon judicial review in the context of immigration.

Forthcoming from Oxford University Press is the tenth edition of the eminent Immigration Law Handbook. Estimated publication date is February 2018.

Authors of the updated handbook are Margaret Phelan, James Gillespie, Frances Allen, Julia Gasparro, and Jo Swaney. Further information is here.

Published yesterday by the Home Office is an interesting and useful historical guide to nationality law.

It's a short, 23-page guide and you can read it here. It covers nationality law from Princess Sophia's Naturalization Act of 1705 up to the British Overseas Territories Act of 2002.