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Hassan Zadeh, LLM, Ph.D. Candidate

Expert Witness with experience of working in Afghanistan since 1994, as of July 2016, Jawad has prepared 550 expert reports for law firms based in Greece, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Authenticates all types of documents originating from Afghanistan. 

Jawad Hassan Zadeh, LLM, Ph.D. Candidate
Practicing Expert for Afghanistan. Jawad runs Arianna Expert Research & Consultancy (AERC), a registered company offering expertise to the U.K and E.U law firms and other type of organisations. AERC Company registration: England & Wales 7423904. Jawad is member of various national and international professional bodies.

Ph.D. Candidate (Law) at Birkbeck University of London

LL.M (International Law/Relations) obtained from the University of Kent

B.A.  (Russian language studies) obtained from Leeds Metropolitan University

BSc Honours (Computing) obtained from Leeds Metropolitan University / Bradford College

Jawad is an Afghan / British national and an Expert Witness with over 10 years of experience in preparing expert reports on all issues relating to Afghanistan. In relation to Afghanistan, Jawad has over 22 years of continuous work experience and the same amount of experience in handling the Afghan documents. Jawad has over 10 years of experience in authenticating the Afghan documents.


-Afghan nationals internally displaced in Afghanistan

-Armed factions (Warlords, Taliban and criminal groups)

-Assessment of insecurity in Afghanistan

-Authentication of all types of official and non-official Afghan documents
-Afghanistan laws (statutory laws, constitutional laws, informal justice and Shari’a laws)

-Availability of medical services, provision of mental health

-Blood feuds

-Children and their living conditions and security

-Condition of the Afghan diaspora outside of Afghanistan including Iran, Turkey, Pakistan

-Court decisions and statistics from 3 levels of courts, sentencing

-Domestic violence and family cultural issues

-Education (primary, secondary and higher education)

-Ethnic groups of Afghanistan

-Gender issues, divorce and lack of access to justice due to gender, arbitrariness

-Governance shortcomings and its implications to security

-Homosexuality, LGBT, Bacha Bazi, Trans-gender

-Human Rights conditions and violations 

-International law obligations of Afghanistan (CEDAW, CRC, CAT, ICPPR)

-Irregularities in the police, prosecution and court investigations

-Moral crimes (adultery, eloping, dating and risks arising from moral issues) 

-Nationality assessment for the disputed ‘Afghan national claimants’

-Pashtunwali and its application to urban life in Afghanistan

-Political parties of Afghanistan (past and present)

-Political, social and cultural groups

-Prison conditions

-Religions of Afghanistan (Baha’i, Hinduism, Sunni, Shia, Sikhism, Christianity)

-Risk on return / Internal relocation

-Risks from non-state armed groups, police, army;

-The Afghan judiciary, prosecution service

-The mentally ill, and disabled
-Unaccompanied minor refugees and risks to children


Dari, English, Farsi, French, Pashto, Russian


Jawad has over 22 continuous years of daily work experience with Afghanistan affairs. He has good experience of analysing the media news available on Afghanistan in various world languages. His linguistic capability together with his professional experiences and qualifications enables him to provide high quality and independent expert opinions that will enable the courts reach informed decisions.  Jawad can consider numerous media sources which broadcast news, and analysis in languages other than English. Around 60% of Afghanistan affairs are written in Dari, Farsi, Pashto, both by the Afghan media and by the Western-funded media such as the BBC, DW, RFI, Radio Liberty and the VOA.


  1. Has appeared and given evidence before HM tribunal courts
  2. Has provided expert evidence on issues relating to Afghanistan
  3. Has provided expert reports for authentication of Afghan documents.
  4. Volunteers for British Red Cross Society and Kent Police
  5. Has worked for the British Red Cross Society in the United Kingdom from 2004-2008
  6. Has worked for MERLIN, a UK-based charity operating in Afghanistan from 1997-1999
  7. Has worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan from 1994-1996
  8. Has a research team based in the UK and Afghanistan, led by an Attorney-at-law, a former Judge and academics 


10.05.2016     'Legal seminar' Afghanistan's human rights conditins

                     Seminar held by Vluchtelingen Werk Nederland at Amersfoort, Holland


From 2011 to 2016, Jawad has completed several academic writings on Afghanistan. The following list shows all writings that relates to Afghanistan:

3 academic Master’s Degree (LLM) level essays

1 Master’s Degree (LL.M) dissertation

1 Ph.D. mini-viva thesis

On-going Ph.D. thesis

Production of several hundred expert reports on Afghanistan affairs

Academic research on Afghanistan (Master’s Degree)

  1. Afghanistan: Interventions and Democracy
  2. The legality of the U.S invasion of Afghanistan [Dissertation]
  3. Transitional Justice for Afghanistan

Academic research on Afghanistan (Ph.D. research)

  1. Forms of punishment in Afghanistan
  2. Procedural and substantive justice in the customary laws of Afghanistan – the Pashtuns
  3. Procedural and substantive justice in the customary laws of Afghanistan – Hazara, Tajik, Uzbek and other ethnicities
  4. The Afghan customary law and its relationship to the tribal life of the Pashtuns
  5. The History of Justice in Afghanistan
  6. The Position of Sharia laws in the Islamic world and in the Afghan legal system

Ethnic groups expertise: 
All ethnic groups of Afghanistan
Political groups expertise: 
All Afghan political groups
Religious groups expertise: 
All religious groups in Afghanistan
Other social groups expertise: 
Internally displaced, poverty, Human Rights
Contact email: 
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Countries of expertise: