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Journalist and Broadcaster, with direct experience of 'post-war' Iraq

Ms Julia Guest
Documentary film maker and journalist;

Direct experience of Iraq pre and post occupation as film maker and investigative journalist


Is willing to produce expert reports on appropriate subjects, especially in relation to social groups in 'post-war' IRAQ



Exhibitions, The Kurdish Peace Train, opened Article X1X's office London 1997, shown London, Frankfurt, Arhus, Copenhagen, Hague.

Broadcast films, Sanctions busting in Iraq, Changemakers, Transmitted BBC3 Feb 2003

Jo's Diary - legal challenge to sanctions in Iraq and opposition to Iraq war, Transmitted Jan 2003 BBC1, Inside out, South West region.

Jo's Diary, part2. includes civilian casualities during bombing of Baghdad, Circus to Iraq, schools in Sadr city, camps for IDP's inside Baghdad, siege of Falluja. transmitted September 2004

"Baghdad Stories" 52 documentary Young Iraqi journalists attempting to establish a newspaper in Baghdad, after the occupation.

"Silenced in Iraq" Story of Iraq's deaf community in Iraq, pre and post conflict – post production stage.

A Letter to the Prime Minister, Feature length documentary focusing on pre and post conflict Iraq, up to and including the siege of Falluja 2004.

Video interviews for Amnesty International on the subject of violence against women in Iraq.

Extensive work around Iraqi Health care system pre and post conflict developments.

Other media work across the Middle East and Africa, including Algeria, Western Sahara, Yemen, Palestinian Authorities, Morroco.  Also Burkina Faso and Angola

Extensive network of journalistic and other contacts across Iraq.

Fluent French, basic written arabic
Ethnic groups expertise: 
Political groups expertise: 
Baath Party Iraq; Kurdish political parties of Iraq, , eg KDP, PUK, IWCP also SCIRI (Badr Organisation) ; 'Political Islam', eg Al-Qaeda, Mahdi Army (Moqtada al-Sadir), Ansar Al-Islam, Ansar Al-Sunna
Religious groups expertise: 
Other social groups expertise: 
Local media, Prisoners, women, children, displaced groups, handicapped
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Countries of expertise: