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Areas of expertise
- Authentication of official and non-official documents
- Country profiles, in particular the Arab states, Kurdistan, Turkey and Afghanistan
- Specific ethno-religious groups and faiths
- Political, social and cultural groups
- Tribal issues: tribes, feuds, structures
- Extremist and violent groups, including religious groups
- Human rights: law, debates and violations
- Women issues: e.g. honour crimes
- Human trafficking
- Economy and finance: oil, private and government sectors
- Disadvantaged groups e.g. children, minorities, mentally ill, disabled, terminally ill
- Different sects and faiths of Islam: Shiia, Sunni, Wahabism and others
- Availability of medical services
- State structure, military and security services
- Drug dealing and trafficking
- Integration and multiculturalism
- Extremism and related issues

Dr Rebwar Fatah
Director of the Middle East Consultancy Services

Specific ethno-religious groups
Kurds, Arabs, Bidoons, Qashqai, Persians, Afghans, Christians, Jews, Assyrians, Assyrian/Syriac people, Chaldeans, Coptic Christians, Druze, Balochs, Ahli Haqq, Zoroastrian, Yazidi, Shabak, Kakayi, Aliquli, Heqay, Khurshidi, Shiia, Sunna, Wahabism and others. Profiles of Middle Eastern communities in the West
Dr Fatah is supported by a network of practitioners and experts in the field.
'In country' visits
Regular visits to the Middle East over many years.
Experience with international organisations
Dr Fatah has assisted European and international organisations on different aspects of the Middle East, and has been an adviser to the European Union on Middle Eastern issues.


Over 200 expert reports and experience of oral evidence.

Kurdish, Arabic and Farsi (Persian) - and familiar with different Kurdish and Arabic dialects
Ethnic groups expertise: 
Language expertise Kurdish, Arabic, Farsi (Persian), familiar with different Kurdish and Arabic dialects. Working knowledge of Pashto and Dari.
Political groups expertise: 
Baath Party of Syria and Iraq; Kurdish political parties of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey, e.g. .KDP, PUK, Komalla and Komallah, Yeketi, KDPI, IWCP; 'Political Islam', e.g. Al-Qaeda, Mahdi Army (Muqtada al-Sadir), Ansar Al-Islam, Ansar Al-Sunna, etc., orga
Religious groups expertise: 
(See 'Country expertise' above)
Other social groups expertise: 
(See 'Country expertise' above)
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Countries of expertise:
Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestinian Territory (West Bank and Gaza), Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates