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Michael Hindley has a BA (Hons) in German and French Studies. MA in Comparative Cultural Studies. Post Graduate Diploma in International Law and International Human Rights Law. Former Member of the European Parliament.

Expertise on the Former Soviet Union; South Asia; Middle East; China/Taiwan; Korea.

Michael John Hindley
Freelance political consultant

Member of European Parliament (1984-1999) Vice-President of External Economic Relations Committee.

Vice-President of Euro/Arab Parliamentary Association

Member of Delegation for Relations with China

Since 2008, Adviser to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on External EU Relations

Election observer for EU and Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Palestine; Togo; Belarus; Russia; Azerbaijan; Armenia; Kazakhstan; Moldova; Ukraine.

Guest lecturer at the Higher School for Economics in Moscow and Perm, Russia.


European Parliamentary Reports on:

North Korea; China; Hong Kong; Macao; Vietnam; Pakistan; Gulf States; Belarus.

Reports for Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe on:

Kaliningrad; Chernobyl. Activities of the European Bank of Development and Reconstruction.

Reports for European Commission External Relations on:

Vietnam; China; Bangladesh; Gambia; Mauritius.

Reports for European Economic and Social Committee on:

Central Asian Republics; Food Security and Trade; Trade in Strategic Raw Materials; EU/China Relations

Report for UN International Trade Centre, Geneva on:

Fair Trade

English mother tongue. Fluent French and German
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Countries of expertise:
China, Ukraine