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Daily Telegraph: Government to end 14-year long residence rule

Date of Publication: 
18 July 2011

The Telegraph says ministers plan to close immigration "loophole"

Daily Telegraph: Government to end 14-year long residence rule

18 July 2011

The coalition government aims to end the 14-year long residence rule, the Daily Telegraph reported today.

According to the Daily Telegraph, almost 9,000 immigrants have been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK since the policy was introduced in 2003. The policy allowed them to stay because of the human right to family life.

The Daily Telegraph quoted immigration minister Damian Green as saying: "I am determined to take steps to close the loopholes that have been exploited for too long.

"The right to a family life is not absolute and the interests of the British public must be taken into consideration when deciding who can enter and remain in the UK.

"Those who enter the country illegally or overstay their visa should not be automatically rewarded with the privilege of settlement just because they have avoided detection for years."

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