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Joseph Mullen

Academic/Development Specialist with specific interest in nationality, ethnicity, governance, religion and risk of persecution.

Joseph Mullen
Senior Fellow University of Manchester (Hon.); Senior Lecturer in International Development University of Manchester IDPM (1981-2003); United Nations (1985/6) (1989/91) Assoc. Professor University of Wisconsin (1980-1981)

Academic Qualifications: Ph.D. African Politics (Edin) Licence: comparative religion/Arabic  (Fra.) (French government scholarship).

Specific Areas of expertise: Ethnicity, risk of persecution, conflict, post-conflict human rights regimes, religious persecution, disengagement and deradicalisation, peacekeeping, verification of recorded Language Analysis Reports.

Experience of work with national or international organisations: United Nations, World Bank, African Development Bank, European Parliament, EU,  DFID, Govts. Of Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and Australia, UK FCO, Commonwealth Secretariat;  NGOs.

Countries and 'in-country' areas visited: Tanzania (70-75/94/95/ 2000/2002-3) Burundi (1989/91; 98) Rwanda(1989/91; 98; 2000) Somalia (1988/89, 1994, 2005/06 and 2009); Burma (1985-86); Syria (1987-88), Egypt (1997; 98, 2000) Bhutan (1988-89) Bosnia (2002); Djibouti and Kenya (1998, 2003, 2005 and 2009).


Presented expert evidence in four Country Guidance cases with Court appearances, provided expert evidence to over 400 First and Upper Tier Tribunal, as well as Family Court and Court of Appeal; also submitted expert evidence to the European Parliament, European Court of Justice, Supreme Court of Finland, and to immigration jurisdictions in the Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, U.S. and Australia. Expertise and specialist interest is in nationality verification and authentication, ECHR Convention issues, ethnicity, minorities -religious and political- and the risk of persecution and deradicalisation. Court appearances and evidential reviews by videolink may be arranged. Customised studies of strategic security issues, militia alliances and infiltration of illegal migration flows may be commissioned on a bespoke basis.


3 books/monographs; 19 peer reviewed articles; 50 plus consultancy reports.

French (fluent); Swahili (fluent); Arabic (basic)
Ethnic groups expertise
National Minority groups as per countries of expertise
Political groups expertise
Governance and democracy; bribery and corruption; secessionary movements, militias, UN, jihadist movements in DRC and Tanzanian/Mozambican border
Religious groups expertise
Risks of persecution of minorities, Christian and Islamic minorities, violent religious extremism, Al Shabaab, politico-religious cults and anti-sorcery movements
Other social groups expertise
Poverty and Social Exclusion; prison regimes, indigenous terrorism, family and children reconstitution, child soldiers, occupational castes, albinism
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