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ILPA Webinar: Psychological factors in credibility assessments of asylum seekers

WEB 1011 Psychological factors in credibility assessments of asylum seekers

Thursday 19 November 2020 @ 10:00 am - 1:15 pm


"We will show you how to use your knowledge and understanding of the processes, together with appropriate research materials to challenge negative credibility findings for your clients."

This course will present and discuss various psychological reasons why some asylum seekers have particular difficulties in presenting their case. We will present the latest research findings that help elucidate some of the psychological processes at work. We will encourage discussion of the ways in which these findings can help legal representatives to better inform and support clients going through the asylum system. Finally we will consider some of the effects that working with traumatised clients can have on us, both professionally and personally.

Participants will have a clear understanding of some of the psychological factors involved in asylum seekers' presentations of accounts of traumatic experiences, both at interview and in Court. A better understanding of these issues should equip lawyers to recognise and explain the difficulties that their clients may be having, helping to persuade decision makers and reduce credibility issues. It may also help lawyers understand difficulties they might have in their own interviewing of traumatised claimants.

Topics to be covered:

• Traumatic memory and the effects on presenting cases

• Discrepancies in repeated interviews and possible psychological explanations for these.

• Difficulties in disclosing traumatic experiences, particularly sexual violence.

• Research findings related to decision making in asylum appeal courts.

• Self care

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