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ILPA Webinar: Nationality Law is Fun

WEB 1086 Nationality Law is Fun


Tuesday 27 April 2021 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The session is aimed at practitioners who want to develop their understanding of British nationality law and who are interested in more than making applications for citizenship. It complements the ILPA courses on naturalisation and registration of children. It covers automatic acquisition of British citizenship by birth or descent, tracing family status and old Commonwealth cases on and after independence, other forms of British nationality (e.g. British Overseas citizens), and dual nationality issues in practice. It also looks at the swing to correct historical injustices based on sex discrimination, illegitimacy and birth in the British overseas territories.

It considers the nationality legislation of 1914 and 1948 before turning to the development of the British Nationality Act 1981 and its revisions down to the present day. Understand the implications of status tracing for your client and emerge a better-informed and wiser immigration, asylum and nationality lawyer.

Attendee Feedback 2020:

I liked the comprehensive, wide scope of subject matter taught and the case studies.

This was an excellent seminar and I would recommend it to others. If anything, it could be longer.

I liked the in-depth case studies and the tutors encyclopedic knowledge of the field.

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