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HJT - Update on Making Settled Status and other EEA Applications

We address common problems arising Home Office procedures for the settled status scheme. Meanwhile other EEA routes remain the best (or only) option for some people and the case law changes constantly. Get up to speed with:

  • Issues arising in settled status and EEA permanent residence applications
  • Criminality and dishonesty refusals
  • Bringing Settled Status appeals
  • The latest thinking on workers, jobseekers, the self-sufficient and retained rights of residence
  • New matters in EEA appeals
  • Fighting sham marriage allegations and proxy marriage rejections
  • EEA rights of dual nationals
  • Home Office procedures
  • Derivative rights of residence for carers of children in education and British citizen children, and adopted children
  • Procedures and damages
HJT Training
Mark Symes & Agnete Gribkowski
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