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Getting ready for the new EIN website

Date of Publication: 
30 May 2011

A brief update on the new EIN website, which is now nearing completion and will offer members big improvements.

Getting ready for the new EIN website

30 May 2011

The new EIN website is now near to completion and EIN will be changing very soon. Members can expect to see big improvements, especially in terms of searching and speed.

An important thing to note is that you will need to enter your username and password when you first log in to the new website. We appreciate that most members will have their password stored in their browser so we would strongly encourage members who do not know their password to update their e-mail address at - if you know your username and you have a valid e-mail address, you can automatically request a new password on the new website.

The new website is built on a completely new platform and has a fresh new design, with clear menus and improved navigation.

However, we have kept a familiar look and layout to the key sections on EIN, ensuring you won't be lost struggling to find content when you first log in.

But one thing that is changing considerably is the search. EIN's new custom, high-speed search will make searching and finding content a breeze. For example, to find a case, you can just enter the appellant name and search.

Relevancy ranking will offer extremely impressive results when searching for a specific item or when searching for a topic. In fact, we believe the new search is so good that the 'advanced' options will rarely be needed on the new site. You can also sort searches by date, and you can 'filter' your search results with easy to use new search filters.

EIN index terms attached to content on the new website are now 'clickable', easily allowing you to search by any index term. And the new EIN index term glossary is also 'clickable', just click any term to search.

Amongst the other new features are full function forums to enable members to ask and answer queries. And we are introducing EIN headnote summaries for important cases.