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HJT - Private & Family Life Update

Making a human rights claim is often the only viable way of securing a client’s immigration status. We address a number of issues that frequently entangle even the expert immigration lawyer. In particular:

  • The latest thinking on private and family life claims, from the high threshold in adult dependent relative cases to children and when relocation is reasonable
  • The new financial requirements for Appendix FM cases
  • No more consideration outside the Rules: the genesis of GEN3.2
  • Making a human rights claim
  • What exactly is a human rights claim? And when is it refused?
  • Rights of appeal and testing them in the FTT
  • Section 120 notices
  • Plotting an appeal strategy – fresh issues, Home Office consent to raise new matters, and arguments inside and outside the Rules
  • Further representations, fresh claims, and certification
  • Non-suspensive appeals: a new era post-Kiarie
5 July 2018 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm
London Zone 1
Mark Symes, Garden Court Chambers
£125 + VAT
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Legal training